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  • Giselle Hale

Lifting the voices of all


May 12, 2022, The Daily Journal


Voters have multiple qualified candidates with ambitious visions for the AD 21 primary. The negative attack ads and misinformation mailers are well underway.

A recent mailer sent in favor of Deputy Mayor Papan was sent by a group significantly funded by Chevron and PG&E, masquerading under the enticing “Future PAC.” Another mailer funded by California Realtors and the California Apartment Association paints Hale as being a puppet for Zuckerberg. Both groups aren’t officially associated with a campaign, but are misleading nonetheless. In an age where accurate information isn’t the most accessible, we must search for the full story behind the facts.

The Daily Journal’s endorsement of Papan applauds her support of the Kiku Crossing housing development, but didn’t mention that she fought against the state legislation (AB 1763, incentives for low income housing) that gave the project life. The endorsement also touts her ability to compromise, but voters should wonder which parties will be invited to compromise in the first place.

Mayor Giselle Hale’s bread and butter is housing policy. She is already tackling the housing problem from multiple angles, including the Safe Parking program for folks living in cars, and has pushed for housing targeted to seniors and housing for young families. She hasn’t been afraid to stand up for housing even when it was politically tough to do.

Unfortunately, money talks in politics and we have to make sure to elevate the appropriate voices. Mayor Hale has shown her ability to lift the voices of all.

Zack Zlotoff



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