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Giselle Hale with Congresswoman Eshoo who has solely endorsed her for State Assembly. Giselle was Eshoo’s campaign manager in 2008 while also working for the Obama campaign

Democrat Giselle Hale:
Lifelong Progressive Advocate

Democrat Giselle Hale has dedicated her career to standing up for our progressive values. Her work on behalf of Democrats and our shared Democratic priorities – including affordable housing, access to mental health care, paid family leave and accessible childcare, and protecting access to reproductive health care in our community.


Check the facts and decide for yourself:

2000: Giselle interned for the Gore campaign, casting her first-ever vote as a Democrat and working to elect then-Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, the first openly LGBTQ member of Congress

2004: Giselle and her sister were both active in the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. Pictured here at the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention.

2005: While in business school Giselle tried out for the hit tv show “The Apprentice” with classmates when Trump is still a Democrat. Her opponent desperately tries to use this to link her to Trump.


2008: Giselle joins the Obama for America campaign as Regional Field Director. She’s also hired on by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo as campaign manager.

She worked tirelessly, leading one of the largest field organization in the Country.

2009: Assists with the transition of the Obama administration locally. Watch a video here, or read about it in the press.

2013: Giselle gives birth to her first daughter and after 7 years of marriage, decides to change her name. With a newborn in tow, Giselle has to update all of her personal identification. A clerical error lists her as “no party preference.”


2014:  Giselle applies for the Planning Commission with her 5-week-old daughter in tow. She earns a seat and becomes dedicated to making housing affordable and accessible for all and helping Redwood City lead the way on affordable housing production. This photo is of her interview with her 5-week-old daughter in tow after her babysitter did not arrive on time. It's no surprise Hale has been an ardent supporter of community childcare needs.



2016: Giselle gives birth to her second daughter and six months later, Trump is elected. Giselle immediately forms the “Silicon Valley Resistance Group” and brings together 400 Obama volunteers calling on them to resist Trump’s divisive tactics. Local democrats encourage Giselle, who has another newborn, to run for office. Video of her rallying cry speech: 

Planning Commission application.jpeg
Obama Hale.jpeg
Families belong together crowd photo.JPG

2018: Giselle leads the “Families Belong Together Rally,” fighting back against the Trump Administration’s barbaric treatment of migrant families. Three thousand people flood Courthouse Square to stand up to him.

2018: With encouragement from the community, Giselle runs for the City Council, earning the endorsement of the Democratic Party and Peninsula Young Democrats, Congresswoman Eshoo and Speier, Assemblymember Mullin and Senator Jerry Hill. She comes in first place.

2019: Giselle becomes a national leader in the fight for paid family leave and works locally to make government more family friendly. Link to article here.








2020: Giselle is called out in the 2020 Annual Report for National Partnership for Women and Families as a Leadership Council member for her work on Paid Family Leave: 2020 annual report here.

2020: Giselle is the first local leader to call for a strong local government response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

2020: During the pandemic Giselle raises $300k to keep local businesses open and $5M to keep 340 childcares open. 

2021: Redwood City Council dubbed the center of progressive political change by the San Mateo County Daily Journal because of the leadership of Hale and her progressive counterparts. 

2021: Redwood City Council dubbed the center of progressive political change by the San Mateo County Daily Journal because of the leadership of Hale and her progressive counterparts. 


2021: Giselle joins Political Data, a 34-year-old civic technology company and leads them through the divestment of their Republican business, changing their strategy to focus on progressive campaigns and candidates. 


2022: Giselle helps break ground on the landmark homeless navigation center she helped lead negotiations on, which is projected to get San Mateo County to “‘functional zero homelessness’, meaning homelessness would be rare, brief and never chronic. 


With this record it’s clear why Giselle has earned the support of so many notable democratic leaders and organizations:

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