Top Priority: Housing

"As a Planning Commissioner, Giselle has voted to support affordable housing, market rate housing and townhomes."

Housing affordability at all income levels.

Housing affordability affects everyone. It impacts long term residents when they lose friends and neighbors who are forced to move away due to high rents or lack of ability to buy a home. It impacts businesses when they struggle to hire and retain employees. It impacts children when their teachers cannot afford to stay here. It impacts parents when their children and grandchildren can’t live near them. Everyone in Redwood City has a story about how housing has affected their life. My own road to Redwood City started with my husband and I getting evicted and continues with many of our friends leaving in search of greater affordability. We need to manage growth while meeting the housing needs of our community. I favor policies and projects that will add to our housing affordability and housing diversity. I am especially supportive of adding housing for working families so Redwood City can remain a great place to raise a family. I believe we need to address three legs of the housing affordability stool:

Renter protections
Preserve existing affordable housing
Add to housing supply

Giselle's Track Record on Housing

My track record on supporting housing creation and policies is strong. As a Planning Commissioner, I voted to support affordable housing, market rate housing, senior housing and townhomes. I voted to approve the Habitat for Humanity project, a 100% affordable housing project. I also voted to approve the Bradford Affordable Senior Housing and Childcare project, an innovative multigenerational project in conjunction with MidPen Housing. I worked on Redwood City’s Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance which requires 20% affordable units in all new developments of 20 units or more. I am proud that Redwood City was the first City on the Peninsula to pass this ordinance once a State law prohibiting it was overturned. And I voted to  amend the Downtown Precise Plan to include 375 affordable units.


Outside of my work on the Planning Commission, I am a member of the Housing Leadership Council and participate in Home for All workshops on housing and numerous housing conferences as well.

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