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  • Giselle Hale

NARAL endorses in Assembly raceS

Hale told Patch why she should represent the 21st Assembly District, which is open after Kevin Mullin declined to seek reelection.

ANDREW SHEELER, May 19, 2022, The Sacramento Bee

Good morning and welcome to the A.M. Alert!


With the U.S. Supreme Court likely to strike down Roe v. Wade this summer, the topic of abortion rights has gained newfound urgency nationwide. In California, lawmakers are considering a package of bills aimed at protecting the right to an abortion, and a constitutional amendment enshrining it in state law may be sent to voters this November.

It is in that context that NARAL Pro-Choice California released its latest slate of endorsements, this time for 10 State Assembly candidates.

“Our nation is facing the likely end of Roe v. Wade, and California’s role in the fight for reproductive freedom has never been more important. These 10 state Assembly candidates are critical future leaders to protect and expand reproductive freedom for everybody in California — including those forced to travel from out of state to access abortion care,” said Director Shannon Olivieri Hovis in a statement. “California is a Reproductive Freedom State, and we must continue to earn that designation by electing leaders who will prioritize reproductive freedom for all.”

The latest candidates to win endorsements are Eric Guerra in Assembly District 10, Sara Aminzadeh in Assembly District 12, Jennifer Esteen and Liz Ortega in Assembly District 20, Giselle Hale in Assembly District 21, Gail Pellerin in Assembly District 28, Gregg Hart in Assembly District 37, Pilar Schiavo in Assembly District 40, Elizabeth Alcantar in Assembly District 64 and Josh Lowenthal in Assembly District 69.

Of note is the duel endorsement for Esteen and Ortega in AD-20.


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