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Giselle Hale would hit the ground running

Letter to the editor, Auros Harman of San Bruno

March 25, 2022, The Daily Journal

Editor, I appreciated Corey Browning’s piece on Mayor Hale’s Assembly candidacy. Giselle is who I wanted to run when I heard this seat was opening up. I’ve known her since 2010 when we worked together on Josh Becker’s campaign for Assembly. I’ve always admired her work ethic and her commitment, as somebody who came from a difficult childhood to become a successful professional, to “paying it forward,” seeking to give a hand up to the next generation.

During her tenure on the Redwood City Council, she successfully took the 24/7 safe parking concept — that was mentioned in this article — getting folks living in vehicles to sites where they can also get the services they need to get out of the cycle of homelessness, back into permanent housing and (where possible) the labor force — and got that funded as a state program that now other cities can use as well. In my book, that gives her a better track record in state-level policy than a non-trivial number of people already in the Assembly. We have multiple good people running for this seat. I’m active in local politics, currently serving as chair of the San Bruno Planning Commission (though note that this letter is my personal opinion and does not represent that body). I have met all four Democratic candidates. I would not be unhappy to see any of them serve. But Giselle is a cut above. She would hit the ground running and do exemplary work.

Auros Harman San Bruno


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