Top Priority: Traffic

Reduce traffic congestion on our highways and roads.

We have an aging transit system and a booming economy, the perfect recipe for traffic. On top of that, higher housing costs means people are forced into long commutes. As a Planning Commissioner, I had the opportunity to weigh in on our RWCMoves plan and encouraged our staff to be goal-oriented and focus on a small set of metrics that will matter to residents daily lives. Whether that be commute times, walkability scores and or safety measures like accidents and fatalities, we need to invest in transit options that make a real difference for residents.

Modernize our roads and bridges.
Improve and Eliminate Caltrain
Street Crossings
Offer big company transit perks to Redwood City’s residents and
small businesses.
Support fare equity
Improve bike and pedestrian safety for kids.

My Goal, Vision & Commitment

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