I am proud to have the endorsement of a broad and diverse set of neighbors, elected officials and organizations. I would be honored to have your support too! 

Current and Former Elected Officials


Congresswoman Eshoo


Anna Eshoo

Jackie Speier.jpeg


Jackie Speier


Fiona Ma.jpg

California State Board of Equalization Member

Fiona Ma



Jerry Hill

District 13

Kevin Mullin.jpg


Kevin Mullin

District 22

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Marc Berman

District 24

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         Former State


          Rich Gordon


  • Carlos Bolanos, San Mateo County Sheriff

  • Juan Raigoza, San Mateo County Controller

  • Robert Foucrault, San Mateo County Coroner

  • Don Horsely, County of San Mateo Supervisor, District 3

  • David Canepa, County of San Mateo Supervisor, District 5

  • Joe Simitian, County of Santa Clara Supervisor, District 5

  • Gary Kremen, Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Director


  • John Seybert, Redwood City Council Member, Former Mayor

  • Shelly Masur, Redwood City Council Member

  • Dani Gasparini, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • Jeff Ira, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • Dick Claire, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • Alisa MacAvoy, Redwood City School District Trustee

  • Dennis McBride, Redwood City School District Trustee

  • Janet Lawson, Redwood City School District Trustee, Redwood City Library Board Chair

  • Georgia Jack, Vice President, Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees

  • Rahila Passi, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Truste

  • Amy Koo, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Trustee

  • Hon. Suvarna Bhopale, Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Trustee

  • Chuck Velschow, Former President/Trustee Belmont Redwood Shores School Board

  • Andy Klein, San Carlos Former Mayor

  • Davina Hurt, Belmont City Council Vice Chair

  • Charles Stone, Belmont City Council Member, Former Belmont Redwood Shores Education Foundation President

  • Julia Mates, Belmont City Council Member

  • Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame Mayor

  • Donna Colson, Burlingame Vice Mayor

  • Larry Moody, East Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Mayor

  • Adrian Fine, Palo Alto Council Member

  • Cory Wolbach, Palo Alto Council Member

  • Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park Council Member

  • Kalen Gallagher, Campbell Union High School District, Board President

Appointed Officials

  • Mo Sadfari, Former Planning Commissioner

  • Connie Guerrero, Former Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissioner

  • Michael Smith, Planning Commissioner

  • Manuel Ramirez, San Mateo County Planning Commissioner

  • Pablo Lopez, Parks Recreation & Community Services Commissioner

  • Jason Galisatus, Complete Streets Committee Vice Chair

  • Barbara Valley, Library Board Trustee, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader

  • Yin Lu, Library Board Trustee

  • Jessica Meunier, Library Board Trustee

  • Matthew Self, Chair, Complete Streets Committee

  • Edward Everett, Retired City Manager, Redwood City

Non-profit Leaders, Volunteers and Community Organizers

  • Veronica Escamez-Martinez, Founder, Director at Casa Circulo Cultural*

  • Marilyn Ezrin, Redwood City Education Foundation Board President*

  • Shannon Petrello, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Leslie Stafford, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Gabriel Swank, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Whitney Glockner-Black, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Mike Wells, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Arnoldo Arreola

  • Hector Flamenco

  • Cecily Harris, Vice Chair, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • Rita Bosworth, Executive Director, Sister District

  • Marni Rubin, Founding Co-Captain, Sister District South Bay*

  • Michael Spanton, President Elect at Rotary Redwood City*  

  • Zack Ross, President of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition

  • Emy Thurber, Vice President Peninsula Democratic Coalition

  • Eitan Fenson, Democratice Volunteer Center Manager

  • Owen Byrd, Silicon Valley for Obama Co-lead

  • Roger Hu, Silicon Valley for Obama Co-lead

  • Chris Hollstein, Redwood City Parents Club, Events Coordinator*

Small Business Owners

  • Lori & Eric Lochtefeld, owners, Fox Theater

  • Peter Cuchieri, owner of Angelicas

  • Stephanie Kolkka, owner Brick Monkey and Brick Monkey 2

  • Christy & Nils Pommerien, owners, Tutu School

  • John Kim, owner Talk of Broadway and Bap

  • Amy Pontzloff, owner, Lymphatic Face and Body Therapy


  • Rob Daniel, Canyon Neighborhood

  • John Johnson, Centennial Neighborhood

  • Alex Brown, Centennial Neighborhood

  • David Thomas, Central Neighborhood Association leader    

  • Arturo Samayoa, Downtown Neighborhood       

  • Dominik Pich, Downtown Neighborhood

  • Nori Jabba, Edgewood Park Neighborhood

  • JB Skelton, Edgewood Park Neighborhood

  • Jessica Meunier, Farm Hill Neighborhood

  • Susan Peyton, Farm Hill Neighborhood

  • Mac Hart, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Adrian Brandt, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Katie Schorr, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Bobby Mitchell Lewis, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Jennifer Dimichino, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Michael Smith, Palm Neighborhood

  • Mary Parden, Redwood Shores Neighborhood

  • Sapna Dixit, Redwood Shores Neighborhood, Measure K co-chair

  • Alex Rozenfeld, Redwood Shores Neighborhood

  • Barbara Valley, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader

  • Cody Voellinger, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader, Redwood City Mr. "People's Choice"*

  • Sue and Joseph McDonald, Roosevelt Neighborhood

  • Jackie Zawalski, Roosevelt Neighborhood

  • Rebecca & David Weekly, Roosevelt Neighborhood   

  • Karen Canty, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood 

  • Tracy Slusser, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Christine Turner, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Erin Allred, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Tim Lawson, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Jeevan & Ashika Balani, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood



  • Redwood City Firefighters

  • San Mateo County Central Labor Council

  • San Mateo County Building Trades Council

  • Peninsula Young Democrats

  • San Mateo County Association of REALTORS



*title for identification purposes only

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