I am proud to have the endorsement of a broad and diverse set of neighbors, elected officials and organizations. I would be honored to have your support too! 

                            -Giselle Hale

Current and Former Elected Officials



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  • Carlos Bolanos, San Mateo County Sheriff

  • ​Robert Foucrault, San Mateo County Coroner

  • Juan Raigoza, San Mateo County Controller

  • David Canepa, County of San Mateo Supervisor, District 5

  • Don Horsley, County of San Mateo Supervisor, District 3

  • Dave Pine, County of San Mateo Supervisor, District 1

  • Joe Simitian, County of Santa Clara Supervisor, District 5

  • Gary Kremen, Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Director


  • ​Dick Claire, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • Dani Gasparini, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • ​Jeff Ira, Former Redwood City Mayor

  • ​Shelly Masur, Redwood City Council Member

  • John Seybert, Redwood City Council Member, Former Mayor

  • Davina Hurt, Belmont City Council Vice Chair

  • Julia Mates, Belmont City Council Member

  • Charles Stone, Belmont City Council Member

  • Emily Beach, Burlingame Council Member

  • Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame Mayor

  • Donna Colson, Burlingame Vice Mayor

  • Larry Moody, East Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park Council Member

  • Gina Papan, Millbrae Mayor

  • Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Mayor

  • Adrian Fine, Palo Alto Council Member

  • Cory Wolbach, Palo Alto Council Member

  • Andy Klein, San Carlos Former Mayor

Cities- Education

  • Georgia Jack, Vice President, Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees

  • Amy Koo, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Trustee

  • Janet Lawson, Redwood City School District Trustee, Redwood City Library Board Chair

  • Alisa MacAvoy, Redwood City School District Trustee

  • Dennis McBride, Redwood City School District Trustee

  • Rahila Passi, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Trustee

  • Hon. Suvarna Bhopale, Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Trustee

  • Chuck Velschow, Former President/Trustee Belmont Redwood Shores School Board

  • Kalen Gallagher, Campbell Union High School District, Board President

Appointed Officials

  • Edward Everett, Retired City Manager, Redwood City

  • Jason Galisatus, Complete Streets Committee Vice Chair

  • Connie Guerrero, Former Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissioner

  • Pablo Lopez, Parks Recreation & Community Services Commissioner

  • Yin Lu, Library Board Trustee

  • Jessica Meunier, Library Board Trustee

  • Manuel Ramirez, San Mateo County Planning Commissioner

  • Mo Sadfari, Former Planning Commissioner

  • Matthew Self, Chair, Complete Streets Committee

  • Michael Smith, Planning Commissioner

  • Barbara Valley, Library Board Trustee, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader

Non-profit Leaders, Volunteers and Community Organizers

  • Arnoldo Arreola

  • ​Rita Bosworth, Executive Director, Sister District

  • ​Owen Byrd, Silicon Valley for Obama Co-lead

  • Veronica Escamez-Martinez, Founder, Director at Casa Circulo Cultural*

  • Marilyn Ezrin, Redwood City Education Foundation Board President*

  • ​Eitan Fenson, Democratice Volunteer Center Manager

  • ​Hector Flamenco

  • Whitney Glockner-Black, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • ​Cecily Harris, Vice Chair, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • ​Chris Hollstein, Redwood City Parents Club, Events Coordinator*

  • ​Roger Hu, Silicon Valley for Obama Co-lead

  • Mary Hughes, Founder, Close the Gap CA

  • Shannon Petrello, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • ​Zack Ross, President of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition

  • Marni Rubin, Founding Co-Captain, Sister District South Bay*

  • ​Michael Spanton, President Elect at Rotary Redwood City*  

  • Leslie Stafford, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • Gabriel Swank, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

  • ​Emy Thurber, Vice President Peninsula Democratic Coalition

  • Mike Wells, Redwood City Education Foundation Board Member*

Small Business Owners

  • Lynn Carteris, Realtor Keller Williams

  • Peter Cuchieri, owner of Angelicas

  • John Kim, owner Talk of Broadway and Bap

  • Stephanie Kolkka, owner Brick Monkey and Brick Monkey 2

  • Lori & Eric Lochtefeld, owners, Fox Theater

  • Christy & Nils Pommerien, owners, Tutu School

  • Amy Pontzloff, owner, Lymphatic Face and Body Therapy


  • Rob Daniel, Canyon Neighborhood

  • Alex Brown, Centennial Neighborhood

  • John Johnson, Centennial Neighborhood

  • David Thomas, Central Neighborhood Association leader    

  • Dominik Pich, Downtown Neighborhood

  • Arturo Samayoa, Downtown Neighborhood       

  • Nori Jabba, Edgewood Park Neighborhood

  • JB Skelton, Edgewood Park Neighborhood

  • Michael Verdone, Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association leader

  • Jessica Meunier, Farm Hill Neighborhood

  • Susan Peyton, Farm Hill Neighborhood

  • Adrian Brandt, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Jennifer Dimichino, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Mac Hart, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Bobby Mitchell Lewis, Mt Carmel Neighborhood

  • Katie Schorr, Mt Carmel Neighborhood​

  • Michael Smith, Palm Neighborhood

  • Sapna Dixit, Redwood Shores Neighborhood, Measure K co-chair

  • Mary Parden, Redwood Shores Neighborhood

  • Alex Rozenfeld, Redwood Shores Neighborhood

  • Sue and Joseph McDonald, Roosevelt Neighborhood

  • Barbara Valley, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader

  • Cody Voellinger, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association leader, Redwood City Mr. "People's Choice"*

  • Rebecca & David Weekly, Roosevelt Neighborhood   *

  • Jackie Zawalski, Roosevelt Neighborhood

  • Erin Allred, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Jeevan & Ashika Balani, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Karen Canty, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood 

  • ​Tim Lawson, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Tracy Slusser, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood

  • Christine Turner, Woodside Plaza Neighborhood



  • DemFems Silicon Valley

  • Redwood City Firefighters

  • San Mateo County Association of REALTORS

  • San Mateo County Building Trades Council

  • San Mateo County Central Labor Council

  • San Mateo County Democrats

  • SEIU Local 521

  • Peninsula Young Democrats


*title for identification purposes only

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